County Assembly Delegates and Alternates:

You have received your Call to the Eagle County Democratic Party Assembly. Please be sure it is on your calendar. Arrive early to sign in. Alternates will be substituted for any delegate who does not attend.
When: Saturday, March 22nd, 1 PM sharp
Registration: 12 Noon to 1 PM
Where: Commissioners Hearing Room, Eagle County Building, Eagle

Save the date: March 30, Miguel Ali

MIGUEL ALI, known to us formerly as Ali Hasan, will be in town for the showing of his new movie. “Confessions of a Womanizer” at the Vail Film Festival. But there’s more…..while here he will entice us with tales of his 2008 House race as the Republican candidate for our district from his new book, ELEPHANT: THE 12 THINGS I LEARNED WHEN I RAN FOR OFFICE.

When:Sunday, March 30, 5pm

Where: The hoe of Jane and Joe Lowery, 525 Lariat Loop, Edwards

Miguel will read from his new book, available at, and will explain why he not only changed his name, but also his party affiliation! Now a loyal Democrat, Miguel lives in California with his wife and his small son. Get your copy of ELEPHANT now…it’s a really good read, and Mr. Ali just might autograph your copy!

Save the Dates: Precinct Caucuses and Eagle County Democratic Assembly Coming Up

Although 2014 is considered an ‘off year’ election, this one is a critical one. Here in Eagle County we will be voting for everyone from US Senator and state Governor through all our county officials. We will attempt to give you updates on all the races as the year progresses. In the meantime, please plan to attend your Precinct Caucus. The Precinct Caucus is the grassroots level of politics. Bring a neighbor and let your voice be heard! Click here to learn more about the process.

Precinct Caucuses will take place on Tuesday, March 4th at 7 PM. Caucus locations are listed below. If you don’t know your Precinct number please contact Carole Onderdonk at or Joy Harrison at

West Vail Holiday Inn, 2211 N. Frontage Rd, Vail
Precinct 1: Red Cliff
Precinct 2: SW Vail
Precinct 3: Minturn
Precinct 12: NW Vail
Precinct 13: Vail
Precinct 14: E. Vail
Precinct 15: E. Avon

WECMRD Field House, 50 Miller Ranch Rd, Edwards
Precinct 4: Homestead
Precinct 11: Bond/McCoy
Precinct 17: Eagle-Vail
Precinct 18: Beaver Creek
Precinct 19: Avon
Precinct 20: N. Edwards
Precinct 21: Berry Creek /Wolcott
Precinct 22: W. Edwards
Precinct 28: Lake Creek
Precinct 29: SE Edwards/SW Avon

Eagle County Building, Eagle
Precinct 5: Town of Eagle
Precinct 6: Gypsum
Precinct 9: N. Gypsum/Sweetwater
Precinct 10: Burns
Precinct 16: N. Eagle
Precinct 23: Airport
Precinct 26: SW Gypsum
Precinct 27: Eagle Ranch
Precinct 30: S. Eagle

Eagle County Building, El Jebel
Precinct 7: Basalt
Precinct 8: El Jebel
Precinct 24: Sopris
Precinct 25: Blue Lake

The Eagle County Democratic Party County Assembly will be held on Saturday, March 22nd at 12:30 at the Eagle County Building in Eagle.
Please be sure to save these dates on your calendar!